Turiwacu - helping vulnerable women become self-sufficient



Following the civil war in Burundi from 1993-2006, many widows and children sought refuge in the capital, Bujumbura.  The widows sent their children to beg in the streets and often resorted to prostitution. Turi Wacu, which means "We are together", is a project initiated by local people to provide these families with an alternative to their previous lifestyle.


The project aims to enable these widows to be self-supporting and already ten families have managed this. The project is built on the value of the women supporting each other within an association and of women from the local community and abroad coming alongside them to encourage, teach and inspire them to live new lives. Many of them have started to follow Jesus Christ.







Farming provides the chief way of the women gaining both food and income and goats are very useful for milk and meat.




But the women are very inventive in finding other income generating activities.


For example: Breaking rocks into smaller pieces to sell


-very hard work!







Distributing  goats at Cabiza.


All members of Turi Wacu at Cabiza and Kanyosha extend their thanks to you and wish God's blessing on you!










Selling packs of locally made washable sanitary protection (cotex) is another means of generating income, as well as providing a real service to the women and girls in their communities.









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