Burundi is a small mountainous country, the size of Wales, in central Africa, just south of Rwanda. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.


More than 65% of the 11.7 million Burundians live in poverty. Food insecurity is alarming. According to the World Food Security report Burundi ranked 9th as a food security crisis in 2018 along with Somalia with more than 50% of the population not having enough to eat. Because of this 56% children have stunted growth. 


Burundi ranks 185th out of 189 countries in the United Nations Human Development index.  There is very limited access to clean water and sanitation and less than 5% of the population have electricity and only 2.7% have internet access. 



Burundi now (2021) has a population of 12.2 million. These are subdivided into three main ethnic groups – the Hutus (about 85%), the Tutsis (about 13%) and the Batwa (about 2%).


Two thirds of a family's income is spent on food leaving little for education.Although 11 years of schooling is available the average number of years children attend school is 3 and only 32% of children complete lower secondary education. Adult literacy is 68.4%. 


There is a heavy reliance of development aid but this has declined since 2015. The country is very vulnerable to floods and drought.


Creative Solutions works with the 600+ FECABu Churches

(Fraternité Evangélique du Christ en Afrique au Burundi) :


1. Training Pastors through supporting Regional Bible Schools.

2. Sustainable Development through the Turi Wacu Project with vulnerable women and support for the BatWa community in Mutaho commune.


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