Youth of Nyakabiga FECABu church





Nyakabiga church in Bujumbura has a congregation of


What is extraordinary is the huge youth group there of over 650.




Youth are the unmarried between the ages of 17 and 30 although there are a few older.






Here are two of the youth clutching their copies of the new Kirundi BIble which have been paid for by Creative Solutions





Of the 650 youth only about 260 have their own copy of the Bible and only 150 have their own copy of the new version.


The new translation is much more accessible being in modern understandable Kirundi. Each book of the Bible also has an introduction and useful comments.


They cost approx $8 (£6.15 at 1.3 $ to £ exchange rate) each for the cheapest binding.


£3,000 would buy the remaining youth this new version.


If you are able to make a contribution toward this, it would be much appreciated. 

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